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Bold Predictions Rewind: Texas Tech vs. TCU

Let’s look back at the bold predictions from week three and see how accurate the staff here at Wreck ‘Em Red was with their picks from Texas Tech’s contest with TCU on Thursday night.

How many touchdowns for Baker?

Robert: three. TCU’s a much tougher opponent, but he’s only getting better.

Shelby: I think Baker Mayfield will get at least one rushing touchdown to add to his stats, but five total.

Austin: I will say Baker ends up with 4 TD’s, and the RB’s add another 2.

We all gave the kid a little too much credit. Mayfield’s only touchdown came on the first drive of the game, but really that play was all Kenny Williams.

Robert: 0, Shelby: 0, Austin: 0

Over/under, Gary Patterson ties his shoes a dozen times?

Robert: Over. It’ll be a tight game, so Gary may slip a disk bending over so much.

Shelby: Going with the under. Eight sounds like a good number.

Austin: Over, especially if Tech jumps on top of TCU early.

Never really got a good look at Patterson’s shoe tying antics, but we can only imagine his laces are worn out after this game.

Robert: 1, Shelby: 0, Austin: 1

Texas Tech wants 15,783 students at the game, so they’re offering extra seating. How many show?

Robert: I was very impressed with last Saturday’s student crowd, but Thursday night will be insane; 15,800.

Shelby: It wouldn’t surprise me if that many show up. It’s a big game, a blackout, and no one has the excuse of “being out of town for the weekend.”

Austin: 16,050. The scary part for TCU is that Tech students will make it more intense than if the game had just been sold out normally.

Price is Right style, Austin was closest without going over.

Robert: 0, Shelby: 0, Austin: 1

Both quarterbacks are mobile, but both teams have elite pass rushers. Which team wins the sack battle?

Robert: TCU. Fields is better off the edge than any of our guys and Tech’s O-line hasn’t stopped anyone yet.

Shelby: I’m going to be ridiculous and say tie. But here’s hoping Tech wins the sack battle.

Austin: Tech. They are designed to get the ball out of Baker’s hands quickly, where as TCU will try to stretch the field if they can.

TCU recorded four sacks and Tech got none.

Robert: 1, Shelby: 0, Austin: 0


Robert: 35-27 Tech.

Shelby: 38-35 Tech.

Austin: 42-35 Tech.

Can’t blame us for picking a shootout. It was a Big 12 game, after all.

Robert: 0, Shelby: 0, Austin: 0

Final tally:

Robert: 2 (40%), Shelby: 0 (0%), Austin: 2 (40%)

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