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Texas Tech vs. Kansas: Halftime Report

After Mayfield threw a brutal interception, Kansas got three points from a field goal. This is the first time Texas Tech has played from behind all season. But after a while, Tech got the momentum going, and the second half should look better than the first. But before we find out, let’s take a look at a few things from the first half.

Stat of the Half: LB Will Smith got his third sack of the season, which is more than any player had last season. He celebrated accordingly with a perfectly executed pageant wave. The Fresh Prince of Defense keeps adding up the stats.

Best Player of the Half: RB Kenny Williams. Williams finally got Tech their first touchdown of the first half of the game. After that, Tech seemed to find their momentum and started to roll. Sadale Foster has also had a pretty good first half, and Eric Ward started producing so big yardage in the second half of the second quarter. The defense as a whole has also had an amazing first half.

Adjustments Tech must make in the second half:

  • Mayfield needs to start throwing better. Throwing an interception, followed shortly by throwing a pass that was just a little too high causing Marquez to make the catch out-of-bounds, is not ok. Maybe he’s having an off day, everyone does. But in the Big 12, no one can afford an off day.
  • Defense is carrying the team, no doubt, but they have to stop more plays.
  • Stop overthrowing (Previously touched on, reiterated for emphasis).
  • Not missing field goals would be cool.
  • Looks like we’ve got a running game…so why aren’t we running?

After a slow start, Tech got it going. Finally up 20-10, the second half should be better since the team seems to have figured out whatever they needed to figure out. As always, check back with Wreck ‘Em Red for the live game thread, and some more in-depth analysis after the game.

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