Oct 5, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Kliff Kingsbury (right) talks to quarterback Baker Mayfield (6) after a score against the Kansas Jayhawks in the second half at Memorial Stadium. Texas Tech won the game 54-16. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Baker Mayfield breaks the silence

In case you have missed it. Baker Mayfield broke his silence about why he decided to transfer from Texas Tech in an interview with Jake Trotter of ESPNDallas.com. Mayfield, who decided to leave the program before the Red Raiders Holiday Bowl game, is already enrolled at OU despite the Red Raiders not granting him a release to a conference opponent. Mayfield expects his appeal to be done by Friday, and he could be looking at potentially having to sit out a year as well as losing a year of eligibility by transferring to a conference opponent.

I know he is young, and I have no doubt that he loves the guys he played with this season, but this Q & A did nothing to help his image in Lubbock, Texas. Mayfield begins his Q & A by saying he didn’t understand why he wasn’t made the starter again after his injury healed, because Tech had lost a couple of games in a row and he had won his starts and didn’t know how short the leash would be if he was put in the game.

I have a problem with this because while yes, he did win the games he started to begin the season, they were all games Tech should have won no matter who the QB was. The lone question mark to begin the season was hosting TCU, and after being stagnant much of the second half and then coming out for an injury it took a late Touchdown drive by Davis Webb to seal the victory.

Mayfield then states that the final straw was having to split second team reps after the loss to Texas. He didn’t feel like he should have to split reps because he needed more of a chance to display what he could do and he wasn’t getting it.

Maybe Baker left before he watched the game film, but he started against a Texas defense that was giving up an average of 29 points per game, and only managed to lead the Red Raiders to a FG while throwing an interception and fumbling the ball. You could just as easily make the argument that he was given too much time against Texas to prove what he could do, as by the time Michael Brewer found Jace Amaro for a Touchdown in the 3rd quarter, Tech was already trailing 34-10.

Mayfield goes on to say that he watched every minute of the Red Raiders victory in the Holiday Bowl, and cheered his teammates on, before then saying that Tech was his 3rd option behind TCU and Oklahoma in high school and he didn’t really want to come here until Spring of his Senior year (When he realized TCU and OU weren’t going to offer him a scholarship).He also goes on to say that he wasn’t recruited to come to Tech, just decided to show up and play (which is strange, because Eric Morris recruited him to Washington State before joining Kliff’s staff in Lubbock), and he knew immediately that he wanted to go to OU because they are better academically and he had to get out of Lubbock before Tech fans came after him (which is also ironic because no one questioned him until he was already gone).

Baker Mayfield leaving Tech is akin to having an ugly divorce after a promising start to a marriage. Years from now, I think he and most Texas Tech fans are going to look back and regret that he didn’t stick around despite the miss-communication with his football coach. After all, Mayfield said himself life is about more than football, which makes it a shame that he let football ruin a great college experience at Texas Tech University.

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  • Blayne

    “Most Texas Tech fans are going to look back and regret that he didn’t stick around”… Absolutely disagree with that statement. He wasn’t special, he was average or slightly above. No place for a kid with that kind of attitude on the team. Good riddance.

  • Less Miles Mor Grass

    Very true. I guess I could have said we’ll be able to look back and enjoy what he has did.. from a walk on to starting to winning Freshman POY.

  • James Sitz

    I don’t really know how Jake Trotter can be considered a journalist/reporter. He certainly isn’t a fair or unbiased one anyways. Why couldn’t he ask the tough questions we all wan’t to know the answers to?
    Just for fun I feel it necessary to fill in the blanks of what this interview is missing. I will now play the part of both Jake Trotter and Baker Mayfield. Enjoy!!!

    Trotter: Baker did you have any scholarship offers out of high school?

    Mayfield: Um, I mean yeah, I did.

    Trotter: Really? Where?

    Mayfield: WSU, Rice, Florida Atlantic, and New Mexico

    Trotter: WSU? You didn’t want to learn from Mike Leach? He has a fantastic resume and coaching Tree.

    Mayfield: Um, sort of. I mean yeah? I thought about it but I also know how he treats players like myself. I would certainly be put in a cold dark closet. Washington is too far away for my daddy to come save me.

    Trotter: I see. But wait! I thought this was about scholarships.

    Mayfield: Ummmmmmm. No. Not really.

    Trotter: those are some pretty decent education possibilities you turned down. I think readers would like to know why.

    Mayfield: well I put Austin Tx on the map with my play at lake Travis. I don’t really need an education. I’m already as good or better than drew Brees or nick foles. Austin asked me if they could change the name to BCL but I told them that festival isn’t big enough. I single handedly carried both lake Travis and TTU on my back so I don’t really need an education.

    Trotter: it’s a little confusing. TTU wasn’t even on your interest list. Why did you walk on there?

    Mayfield: i mean umm well I sort of went online and peaked at there depth chart and I knew I could rule that team and teach those coaches a thing or two. They seamed weak at QB.

    Trotter: Davis Webb looked pretty solid against ASU.

    Mayfield: I taught him that.

    Trotter: what about your interceptions and fumbles? I understand there was a large number of both.

    Mayfield: Those were perfectly thrown balls. I can’t help it If the receivers aren’t good enough to catch them.

    Trotter: the fumbles?

    Mayfield: poor blocking of course.

    Trotter: what will you do if TTU rejects your transfer ?

    Mayfield: um? I mean yeah. Exactly! I’ll probably start my own conference or league even. I think the BMCAA has a nice ring to it. If that doesn’t work out I’ll probably go on dancing with the stars. Have you seen my Dougie?

    Trotter: what the hell is a Dougie?

    Mayfield: watch this. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yEzQ081FpXE&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DyEzQ081FpXE

    Trotter: Baker. I think you’re gonna fit in just fine with us in Norman.

    Mayfield: Umm I think you mean Norman is gonna fit in just fine with ME. And you can’t spell TEAM without ME.

    This parody is solely for entertainment purposes and does not reflect the views ESPN. Trotter and Mayfield on the other hand. I’ll leave that up to you.

  • James Sitz

    Jake Trotter also has a book for sale on amazon titled “I Love Oklahoma/I Hate Texas”