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Texas Tech Football Q&A: QB Davis Webb

Today is the first installment of a new series of posts where I ask some current Texas Tech players a few questions. Let’s start this out with a future top draft pick and the face of the Texas Tech offense: quarterback Davis Webb.

Wreck ‘Em Red: What are your expectations for workouts and practices this summer?

Davis Webb: As a team, to maximize our potential in the weight room, conditioning, and team chemistry heading into fall.

WER: What do you think you could improve on the most this season?

DW: Limiting turnovers. If I limit the turnovers we should win more games.

WER: Do you have any personal goals this year? What are they?

DW: Break the win record for a quarterback in a season at Tech, which I believe is 11.

WER: What’s it like working with Kliff?

DW: Working with Coach Kingsbury is a blessing. With us both being coach’s kids and hard workers, we have a lot in common. He knows what it is like to play quarterback at Tech, and can tell me his playing experience that will help me with mine. He has so much knowledge from being around great players; so I’m like a sponge.

WER: What game are you most looking forward to and why?

DW: I’m looking forward to the games we lost last year. All five teams.

WER: Prediction for the season?

DW: I do not know, but we expect to win every game we play.

WER: Way too early bowl prediction?

DW: Our goal is to get in the top four to have a playoff.

WER: How has “Joanie Loves Chachi” had an influence on your life?

DW: Haha, that is mine and Jace Amaro’s saying. Kind of like “shake ‘n’ bake,” but we have that. It’s a line in the movie Dodgeball and used to be a show. Jace is my best friend and we always say that saying when one of us accomplishes something. Hopefully the connection will be back later on in my career, but I better get a lot better if I’m going to play with him.

A huge thanks to Davis Webb for letting me ask him a few questions. Tech fans everywhere have a lot to look forward to with Webb leading the offense. Check back with Wreck ‘Em Red for more Q&A’s with your favorite players.

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