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Bold Predictions: Texas Tech vs. TCU Baseball

Texas Tech advanced to the College World Series for the first time in school history. The Red Raiders take on their Big 12 rival TCU for the first game of the CWS on Sunday. Here are a few bold predictions for the matchup, brought to you by the Wreck ‘Em Red team.

1) TCU’s pitcher was a first round pick in the draft with a 2.12 ERA. If that was set as the over/under, how would you bet on Tech runs?

Austin: Over. Tech has struggled to plate runs this post season, but will manage to scrap at least 3 runs Sunday.
Robert: Over. Tech hit the ball really well against College of Charleston, they just struggled to drive base runners in. I fully expect them to plate some runs on Sunday.
Weston: Much like Tech, TCU’s success this season has been due to their pitching. Tech struggled offensively against a great pitching staff from College of Charleston. I could see TCU’s pitching giving Tech’s bats a hard time on Sunday, but it all depends on timely hitting.
Shelby: I’m taking the over. I think Tech will surprise TCU and pull their pitcher’s numbers up a little.

2) How many hits do you think each team will have?

Austin: Seven for Tech and four for TCU.
Robert: If Tech can get a couple more hits in this game, I think they score enough runs to win it. Give me eight hits for the Red Raiders and six for the Frogs.
Weston: I don’t think either team is an offensive juggernaut and since I think it will be a pitchers duel, my guess: I think Tech will have seven hits and TCU will get five.
Shelby: Tech with eight and TCU with five. It’s going to be a pitcher showdown on Sunday.

3) How many errors will Tech have?

Austin: None.
Robert: Zero errors for the best fielding team in the post season. Tech’s defense will once again be dominant.
Weston: The Red Raiders have been great all year-long about limiting fielding errors. The double play duo of Tim Proudfoot/Bryant Burleson rarely ever makes errors. My prediction: Zero errors for Tech.
Shelby: Zero. Tech has this down to a science, it seems.

4) How many innings do you think the Tech starting pitcher will last?

Austin: Sadberry only went 5 1/3 last time against TCU, but picked up a win. Look for a solid seven here.
Robert: I’ll say 7 and 1/3 innings. Tech’s starting pitching has been stellar so far this post season, and I expect as much in Omaha.
Weston: This depends on who coach Tadlock trots out on Sunday (as TBA has been a common theme this year) but for the most part, Tech starters have been able to grit out long games. I say the starter is out there for five innings.
Shelby: I think he’ll last six before they put someone else on the mound.

5) Lastly, what color uniform do you think Tech will sport?

Austin: All gray with a black hat.
Robert: Let’s see, Tech is the visiting team, so give me the white pants, white shirts and black hats. Pinstripes are for winners!
Weston: I think it’s hard to go wrong with any combination of scarlet/black, but I’m going to say they take the field with black hats, red tops and white pants. My favorite is the all black uniforms though.
Shelby: I agree with Weston; I think they’ll go white/red/black.

There you go, folks. Do you think we’re right? Wrong? Leave us your Bold Predictions in the comments section below. Wreck ‘em Tech!

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