Texas Tech Part of the Riddell SpeedFlex Helmet Movement


You’ve probably seen several teams posting pictures of the new Riddell SpeedFlex football helmet all over social media, and Texas Tech equipment was one of the first back in March.

Notice the distinctive cutout shape on the crown of the helmet. It’s an innovative solution to the concussion problem threatening football recently. This new technology – strategically placed on the forehead – allows for greater absorption of any blow to the front of the head an athlete may sustain with the helmet on. Checkout these videos from Uni Watch that show how some of the new features work.

From a functional standpoint, it’s a simple yet ingenious solution to head injury. Another added feature is the new chin strap system, which actually ratchets the helmet to the player’s head to prevent spontaneous removal during a play, a problem that’s prompted officials to implement several annoying rules.

Aesthetically, the new design is very distinct from anything else you’ll find on the field these days. Besides the new flex plate and chin strap, the SpeedFlex comes with some pretty sweet facemask options.

Riddell hasn’t officially launched the SpeedFlex yet, but apparently it will be used by several major college and pro football teams this fall.