Throwback Thursday: Raiderville 2008


Since winning their region in a do-or-die game with Miami, Texas Tech baseball has ignited the atmosphere in Lubbock.

Now returned home and getting their shot as hosts of a Super Regional, the Red Raiders are bringing a level of fan excitement back to the South Plains that is reminiscent of a certain game in 2008.

Tech students knew what that game with the Longhorns meant, and they responded with the greatest show of support anyone has ever seen from the student body. The Raiderville tradition has since dropped off and lost its luster, for sure, but that doesn’t mean students are any less interested in Tech athletics, especially when they’re in the hunt for a national title.

Upon hearing that only a handful of free tickets would be available to anyone presenting a valid ID at the ticket office yesterday morning at 7:30 a.m., students formed a line well in advance of sunrise, which is quite the accomplishment for undergraduates.

Granted, Tech football’s 2008 upset over No. 1 Texas will always be the most exciting moment in Red Raider sports history, but the 2014 Lubbock Super Regional, which reached sellout status in a matter of hours, is just as significant when you’re talking about national title implications.