Texas Tech vs Central Arkansas: Bold Predictions


Texas Tech and Central Arkansas face off tomorrow inside Jones AT&T Stadium and that means it’s prediction time here at Wreck’Em Red.

Over/under, Davis Webb throws for 400 yards?

Robert: Over. Webb has full rein of the playbook now and a stable of fast receivers. I expect them to go deep early and often tomorrow.

Weston: Under. I think Kingsbury and offensive coordinator Eric Morris will really try and run the ball some in this game, especially after the first half to see what they have as a rushing attack. Webb will likely throw for 300+ in less than 3 quarters and Mahomes will see some playing time.

Louis: Under – Webb won’t throw for more than 400 yards because he will be done early in the third quarter when it’s a blowout. He’ll finish with 320 yards passing and four touchdowns.

Yasmin: Over – Webb will easily throw for over 400 yards and be taken out late in the third quarter. Then Patrick Mahomes will get some good reps in.

Shelby: Under – he’ll get taken out right before he gets there. It’ll be right under 400 when he gets taken out in the third.

Austin: Under. He won’t throw for 400 yards because he won’t be in long enough to.

Over/under, 100 yards rushing for UCA?

Robert: I say under, but only because UCA is a passing team that will need to throw to ball to keep up in this one.

Weston: This is hard to tell for me, I think our LBs can help stuff the run this year, but the defensive line is such a question mark this year. I’m going to say under, but it will be close.

Louis: Under – Tech’s defense has started strong the last two seasons. I expect the same this year and for there to be an emphasis on stopping the run. UCA was also one of the worst rushing teams in the FCS last season.

Yasmin: Under – Techs’ defense will not allow 100 yards rushing. They will carry over their momentum over from the bowl game and stay focused.

Shelby: Under – since UCA is really bad at rushing, and Tech’s defense always starts out with a lot of energy, they’ll keep the rushing yards low.

Austin: Under. UCA is in the first year of a new HC and scheme and that spells a disaster for them. They won’t be able to run because they will likely be behind early.

True or false, Tech wins the turnover battle?

Robert: Oh man, it has to happen some time, right? I’ll say true just because I’m a giant homer and a wishful thinker.

Weston: True. This has to be a stressed thing for Tech as the past few years has seen some miserable turnover margins. Against an inferior opponent, you’ve got to be able to win the turnover battle. If they don’t that’s a really bad sign.

Louis: True – For the first time in a long time, Tech has had a chance to get comfortable with a returning defensive coordinator. Tech will turn the ball over once, but the defensive will get two interceptions and a fumble.

Yasmin: True – Webb will be dominant as quarterback and not turn the ball over. Tech defense will be feeling comfortable and get one fumble recovery and one interception.

Shelby: True – Webb will throw like a seasoned veteran, and a returning DC helps the defense’s confidence. Tech wins that one by a long shot.

Austin: True. Tech will force at least two turnovers in the game while only committing one late.

Final score

Robert: Give me Texas Tech 70-13. I have a lot of faith in this offense and I think the defense, as always, will be looking to prove they’re better this year.

Weston: 48-17 Red Raiders. I see this as a similar game to Texas State in 2012 when Tech traveled to San Marcos in terms of scoring, but not quite as bad. Could see Tech go up 21-0 and just coast.

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Louis: Tech wins 59-13. Total mismatch all over the field. Won’t learn too much until the bigger Arkansas team comes to town in a few weeks.

Yasmin: Texas Tech will come away with an easy victory with the final score being 50-10. This game will help the team keep their momentum going strong.

Shelby: Final score – 56-13. One game closer to a bowl, zero games closer to learning anything about this year’s team.

Austin: I’ve said from the beginning this spells blowout due to UCA’s new coaching regime. If Patrick Mahomes is as good as he’s been advertised in fall camp, you could see big numbers put up from the 1’s and 2’s. 70-7 Tech.

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