Roundtable: Don’t Overcomplicate Texas Tech’s Uniforms, Under Armour


Earlier this week, Texas Tech unveiled throwback uniforms for their game with Arkansas tomorrow that pay homage to the early 1990s Zach Thomas era of Red Raider football. That got us talking about what we like, what we don’t like and what we’d like to see from Under Amour with Tech’s uniforms going forward.


For me, I really don’t like Texas Tech’s uniforms. The gun motif is cool and all but it just makes the jerseys hard to look at.

My wish list includes first and foremost some red; they’re the RED Raiders, for crying out loud. But I’d also like to see a simpler approach to the design. There was a fake mockup that spread across the internet lat year that was basically red, black and white variations with no striping, big blocky numbers and “Tech” across the chest.

Clean and simple. Source:

The helmet can stay as is because I honestly like the red stripe down the middle. Needs a red facemask though.

Given our recent history with special uniforms and themes, I say we refrain from such tactics until we’re winning more games.


First off, I’d like to say that I like Under Armour a lot. I think it fits Texas Tech and the two have a great relationship from everything I’ve seen and read since they first made a partnership back in 2006 (I believe).

With that said, many of the uniforms have been atrocious, especially in the past 4-5 years. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Wounded Warrior uniforms (as a whole), they were for a great cause and were far from the worst they’ve put out. “The Lone Star Pride” jerseys, to me, are easily the worst offenders of uniform insanity. I’d like for Tech to drop those all together; we haven’t won a single game since wearing those and they look out of place.

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I don’t mind having special uniforms, but they should be for special occasions and really shouldn’t go overboard. I liked when wearing all-black was for big time games (UT/OU), and I’d like to see Kliff throw some red into our uniforms. After all, we are the RED Raiders. Like Robert said, some simple changes would go a long way in improving the overall design of the uniforms.


I love the partnership with UA and I think Tech fans really identify with and embrace it. However, there have been many questionable uniform choices. Like Robert said, I’d love to see us back in RED. I like the idea of the Lone Star Pride uniforms, they just haven’t been lucky to wear. I’d love to see us in more of a simple, classic look. I understand times change and the players want to “look good, feel good” but nobody should have this many uniform options.


I like the uniforms Texas Tech will be wearing Saturday. The Lone Star pride ones a few years ago were awful. Anything that is too flashy or Oregon-like is not good in my opinion. I prefer simplicity. I would enjoy if we had a black matte helmet sometime in the future.


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I love the jerseys we will see this weekend. I think a lot of the jersey schemes will look better simply because Kliff has more say in what they wear than the previous head coaches. Like Louis, I think all we are missing is the matte black helmets and some red.

What about you? Anything in particular you’d like to see with Tech’s uniforms? What do you think of the throwbacks? Tell us in the comments section below.