Texas Tech vs Oklahoma State: Bold Predictions


After suffering their first loss of the season two weeks ago at home, Texas Tech takes to the road today to face the No. 24 ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys in the Big 12 opener for both teams. Here’s our bold predictions.

1. With Wallerstedt out and Smith in at coordinator, will we see improvement on defense this week?

Robert: Probably not, but you can never predict how adversity like this will affect a team. It could either be the change that needed to happen, or it could completely derail everything.
Louis: We won’t see much improvement from the Texas Tech defense this week. As bad as Wallerstedt’s defense was, consistency was needed to take a step forward.
Yasmin: We will not see a difference in defense. Consistency is key to success and the defense does not have that.
Austin: I think you will see improvement on the defensive side of the ball if only because you can’t get much worse than you’ve been so far. If anything, hopefully you at least see a defense that gives up yards but can hold the offense to a few field goals instead of all TDs.
Weston: It’s hard for me to see noticeable improvements just from Wallerstedt leaving, but I don’t think OSU has the rushing attack Arkansas has, so that’s got to work in our favor, right?
Shelby: I think we will see minor improvement, however it would be inconsequential to the Wallerstedt move. I think we’ll see improvement just because of the experience of three awful games.

2. Oklahoma St. isn’t Arkansas, but you can bet they’ll try to run the ball. Over/under, 300 rushing yards?

Robert: Under. Oklahoma St. is a really balanced offense and they like to spread things around through the air as well as on the ground. That said, film doesn’t lie and the film says run the ball every play against this defense.
Louis: Over. Mike Gundy is a smart guy and he’ll take advantage of Tech’s weakness and run all day. Oklahoma State will rush for 350 yards against the Red Raiders.
Yasmin: Over. OSU will capitalize on Tech’s weak run defense and easily run for over 300 yards.
Austin: Under because Oklahoma State has a passing game they mix in as well.
Weston: Under. While they might not have the rushing attack Arkansas has, Oklahoma State always seems to have solid running backs, I think they rush for 275 yards, so barely under.
Shelby: Just under. But I think they’ll throw like crazy. And successfully.

3. Tech hasn’t played a competitive game with Oklahoma St. since 2009. Is this one over by the start of the fourth quarter?

Robert: Unfortunately yes. Texas Tech hasn’t sniffed a win over Oklahoma St. since 2009 when the Pokes won by a touchdown in Stillwater. The margin of victory has shrunk over the last few years, but Orange Power is still a two touchdown favorite tonight.
Louis: It will be a close first quarter, but Oklahoma State will build a comfortable lead by halftime. The Cowboys’ backups will be playing in the fourth quarter.
Yasmin: If Tech does not commit any turnovers and keeps up with OSU on offense I can see it being a close game through the fourth quarter.
Austin: I don’t see either team being up by more than 14 at the start of the 4th quarter here.
Weston: The OSU game is much like the Texas game for Tech to me, I really have no reason to believe the Red Raiders can win in this series simply because they haven’t shown they can even play a tight game with them in so long. Until they do, I won’t believe they can pull it off.
Shelby: This one is over by halfway through the third. Feel really bad about saying it, but Tech just can’t keep up with the Cowboys.

4. Final score.

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Robert: 42-25, Cowboys. Until Kingsbury recruits better athletes, the Red Raiders simply aren’t in the same class as Oklahoma, Baylor and Oklahoma St.
Louis: Oklahoma State wins 52-27. Texas Tech will have the same problems against the run and the Cowboys will take advantage of at least three turnovers.
Yasmin: OSU wins 42-31. Tech will have difficulty stopping their run and will have penalty problems again.
Austin: 49-38 Oklahoma State. This rivalry is pretty well defined right now.
Weston: 45-31 Oklahoma State. It’s in Stillwater and its a Thursday night game. Its always hard to tell what will happen on Thursday nights, but I think the Cowboys install a rush package that will break Tech down late in the third quarter and coast to a win (but not a blowout).
Shelby: 45-28 OSU. They just completely overpower Tech this Thursday. It won’t be pretty.

Now it’s your turn. Give us your bold predictions in the comments section below.