Texas Tech’s Dwanye Slay’s Hit Lives On: Throwback Thursday


The year was 2005, Texas Tech was 5-0 and ranked #13 in the nation, next on the schedule was Kansas State University. The 2005 Tech team consisted of a memorable group of offensive players. Players like, Cody Hodges, Louis Vasquez, Manny Ramirez, Taurean Henderson, and Joel Filani, just to name a few. But almost 10 years later, the most memorable person of this game was safety, Dwayne Slay.

The first quarter started slow for both teams and each exchanged a field goal. The second quarter moved unhurriedly as well. Kansas State scored another field goal and Tech a touchdown. The score was 10-6 and half time was nearing. With just over two minutes before the half, Kansas State picked up the pace. Kansas State quarterback, Allan Evridge completed an 80 yard touchdown pass. Kansas State only took 11 seconds off the clock, which gave Tech plenty of time to answer back. Tech took a little over a minute off the clock and scored off a 34 yard pass from Hodges to Robert Johnson. Tech was ahead at the half 17-13.

Kansas State received the ball first in the second half. Evridge was in his rhythm, he completed three first downs in row. Tech called for a timeout. Evridge completed a pass to Davin Dennis and then the first hit happened. Please take a moment and relive Slay’s hit in all its glory.

That hit still gives me goose bumps. Tech recovered the ball and easily scored. Slay’s hit changed the momentum of the entire game. Tech scored two unanswered touchdowns then the second hit happened, to Evridge. A hit still talked about nine years later. Let’s watch.

Tech went on to score four more touchdowns. The final score was 59-20. Hodges threw for 643 passing yards and five touchdowns. At the time, it was the fourth highest ever in Division 1-A. Henderson scored three touchdowns and Filani scored one that day. But, it was Slay’s colossal strike that cleared way for the offense to take control of the game.

This weekend, Tech will take on the Wildcats in Manhattan, Kansas. Last week, Tech started with so much energy, but because of errors and bad habits, they lost it, and inevitably the game. The challenge for Tech on Saturday will be taking control and maintaining it.