Texas Tech Football Superstitions Run Deep


I do not know about other fans, but in my household Texas Tech football superstitions are as common as pecan pie at Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember watching the 2002 Tech vs. Texas game with my three older brothers. I was only 10-years-old at the time, but I knew the time had come to do my part. We were watching in the living room, sitting in our specifically assigned chairs, with my stuffed animals lined up in a precise order, while holding various knick knacks… the entire game. Seriously.

If you do not remember, Tech won that game, so you are welcome, Red Raider Nation.

Throughout the years, my family has picked up quite a few superstitions. Typically, we are not too suspicious, but if we notice a trend, we add it to the list of do’s and don’ts. Here’s a few:

  • Never wear gray to watch a Tech away game
  • Never buy a designated gameday shirt (The 2011 Texas A&M gameday shirt was burned after the loss) Don’t believe me?

Texas A&M gameday shirt burning after 2011 loss to the Aggies

  • Do NOT let Mom watch the game (My mother is to blame for a few losses, just kidding, but seriously)
  • Never bet money on the game (Betting food is okay, though)
  • I cannot wear dresses or face tattoos to the game (Sorry, for trying to look “cute”, football is strictly business)

Honestly, the list goes on and on. I am not sure why or when my family started developing superstitions. All I know is it is physically impossible for us not to try to aid the outcome of the game by adhering to all of the afore mentioned.

The day of the Arkansas game a few weeks ago, my family replaced the American flag flying proudly outside our home to display our Tech Pride with an old-school Tech flag. My brother informed me that since we took down our American flag we have been on a three game losing skid. (Were our Founding Fathers punishing us?) Needless to say, we are flying our American flag again. People call us crazy, but I call us devoted, do-whatever-it-takes fans.

Do you and your family have any Tech football superstitions? Comment and let us know.

After all, it is only weird if it does not work, right?