Holgorsen & Red Bull: A Match Made In Heaven


His hair is always messed up. He always looks like he’s a mad scientist on the verge of a major breakthrough. He’s Dana Holgerson.

For years, it was rumored that ex-Texas Tech head coach drank alcohol on the sidelines by rival fan bases. I don’t think there’s any truth to this, it was just the way the man looked that made him seem like he was drunk. I mean, he would try to convert 4th and long situations all the time it seemed like even when it was unnecessary. He had a sort of weird but genius way to him that irked the interest of the average college football fan. Texas Tech fans dubbed him “The Strange One” or TSO for short.

Much like his mentor Leach, Holgorsen is an offensive mind that doesn’t really care a whole lot about what other people think about him. He’s often seen pacing the sidelines frantically and chugging Red Bull energy drinks, especially when he plays the Red Raiders. Let’s hope we see a lot of this tomorrow:

Rumor has it, Holgo has stocked up on his usual amount of Red Bulls this week and has more coming for tomorrow’s match up at the Jones.

Holgorsen actually coached on Texas Tech’s staff for two years while Kliff Kingsbury was the starting quarterback. Although he coached inside receivers, lets hope his Red Bull chugging ways don’t rub off on Kingsbury while he’s in Lubbock this weekend. There’s no telling how amped this dude will get if his Mountaineers are upset once again by Tech. United Supermarkets need to stock up on energy drinks because Holgo is coming.