Graham Harrell, Baron Batch look back at memorable 2008 upset of Texas


The week leading up to the Texas game has a much different feel than it did six years ago.

For the students, fans, and the city of Lubbock, Nov. 1, 2008 was the greatest day in Texas Tech football history when quarterback Graham Harrell threw the game-winning touchdown to Michael Crabtree in the final seconds to knock off No. 1 Texas.

“That was a special night,” Harrell told me. “Still to this day any time I meet someone, that’s the first thing they want to talk about. It’s a special game that will always be remembered by Tech fans. There’s a few games that are my favorites from the Tech career and that’s one of them.”

The energy on campus could be felt long before kickoff, and a then-Jones AT&T Stadium record of 56,333 created an electric “blackout” environment.

“Before we even came in for warmups that game, it was an unbelievable atmosphere,” Harrell said. “That’s probably the coolest atmosphere I’ve ever played in. You could feel the energy running out the tunnel and it was a big week leading up to it. You couldn’t script it any better.”

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The students made it an even more memorable finish after rushing the field multiple times following the game-winning score.

“It was unbelievable with the crowd down there and kicking off from our own 7-yard line.” Harrell said. “It was a wild ending and it lasted too long. I wish we could have just kicked off and got it over with. It lasted forever it seemed like. The coolest part was that the fans were already on the field, so the rushing was the coolest I’ve ever seen. The video of it is unbelievable.”

While several players stayed to celebrate with the fans on the field, running back Baron Batch and many of his teammates calmly walked back to the locker room.

“I didn’t stay out there for that,” he said. “I just got off the field because I expected to win that game. I’m not going to be surprised at my success. I walked up and left the field before they rushed it. I didn’t want to be out there and be part of that.

“It was an awesome victory, but that was for the fans. For me to get out there and celebrate with them, I don’t think it’s where I should have been. I didn’t think that the victory was for me. I expected to win and I prepared for it all week. There were a lot of guys who left with me and just walked off. If Tech can ever get out of that ‘we’re the underdog’ mentality, you’ve just got to turn around and walk up.”

Texas Tech hasn’t beaten Texas since. If the Red Raiders snap the six-game losing skid to the Longhorns on Saturday, there likely won’t be any rushing of the field.

But it’s always fun to look back and hope coach Kliff Kingsbury will bring the program back to that level.

Here’s a video of the memories of that night I put together when I was still a student at Texas Tech.

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