Texas Tech Upsets No. 1 Texas: Throwback Thursday


November 1, 2008.

That date holds great meaning to every Texas Tech football fan. Coach Mike Leach and the Red Raiders were ranked No.7 and were 8-0 when the No. 1 ranked, undefeated Longhorns rolled into Lubbock in 2008.

The entire week leading up to the game was filled with complete madness, but in the best way possible. Tech students started their own camp outside the stadium named Raiderville, (Leach even sent the residents dinner one night). College Gameday announced they would be in Lubbock for the live broadcast, the game was sold out, and Leach called for a blackout. The atmosphere in Lubbock was electrifying.

College Gameday was completely packed at 8 a.m. and fans brought their A-game. Memorial Circle was overflowing with signs, tech and pirate flags, original costumes, excitement, and craziness. Coach Bob Knight was the special guest, and did not disappoint. Adding to the near pandemonium, ESPN analyst, Lee Corso picked Tech to come out victorious. Please watch the video below and relive the excitement.

Fast forward to game time. Jones AT&T Stadium was rockin’. A sea of black engulfed the stadium. Tech had an amazing roster in 2008. Players like Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree, Detron Lewis, Jamar Wall, Brandon Carter, Louis Vasquez, Eric Morris, Baron Batch, and honestly, the list goes on and on. But, topping off the amazing roster Tech boasted that night, they also had the backing of the number one fans in the nation. In 2008, the capacity of the stadium was only 52,882 but managed to squeeze 56,333fans into the Jones that night.

Tech’s first possession was lack luster and they punted. However, it was quite a punt and landed UT on the Texas 2-yard line. UT was then tackled in the end zone for a Tech safety. I will let you watch, ’cause it is pretty awesome.

Did you hear that crowd? Did you SEE them? It does not get better than that!

Tech went on to score a field goal and one touchdown in the first quarter and UT went scoreless. In the second quarter, Tech scored one touchdown and kicker, Matt Williams made another field goal. UT finally got on the board with a pair of field goals. To end the half, Tech was up 22-6. Williams alone had outscored UT. (As you will recall, Williams was the kicker Leach recruited after he was plucked from the stands and won a kick-for-rent contest.)

In the third quarter, UT’s Jordan Shipley returned a Tech punt for a touchdown. UT was now within only nine points of Tech. Tech punted on their next possession. UT got the ball and what happened next was game-changing. Safety, Daniel Charbonnet intercepted Colt McCoy and ran it back for a touchdown. This interception is just too awesome to not watch again, so please enjoy it. (I could not find a single clip of the play, so fast forward to 54:30.)

UT scored once more in the third quarter. At the end of the third, Tech was up 29-19. I will cut to the chase, in the fourth quarter, UT scored two touchdowns and Tech scored one field goal bringing the score to 33-32 with UT in the lead and 1:29 left on the clock. But, that was just enough time for Leach and his Red Raiders.

Now, if a picture paints a thousand words, a video must paint an infinite amount of words, but honestly, nothing compares to watching the single greatest drive in Tech football history, so please, take a moment and experience the magic again.

I have watched that drive many times over the years and it never ceases to astound me. Never mind the look on McCoy’s face! This weekend, Tech will take on the Longhorns on the six-year anniversary of that amazing day. One last thing, you HAVE to watch Harrell and Crabtree’s interview after the game.

Some things never get old. Wreck ’em!