Texas Tech Fans Set New Football Attendance Record


Despite a losing record overall, missing a bowl game for the second time in four years and going 2-4 in home contests this season, Texas Tech football fans showed up to support their team in record numbers.

With an impressive and difficult home schedule in 2014 that featured Arkansas, West Virginia, and hated rivals Texas and Oklahoma, there was never any doubt fans would show up in droves. In fact, they even sold out of season tickets for the first time ever during the summer in anticipation of Kliff Kingbury’s second year.

No doubt, fans were ready to watch a young but improved team dismantle the competition and reinvigorate the home-field advantage that’s taken a bit of a hit in recent years. What they got instead was two close wins over middling Central Arkansas and Kansas, and heart-breaking (at times embarrassing) losses to everyone else.

But still, undeterred Red Raider fans − “fearless,” you could say − continued to show up week after week to the tune of an average attendance record of 58,934, which is third in the Big 12 conference yet again behind the old guard of Texas and Oklahoma. Think about this: 59,014 fans turned up to watch a football team with a losing record on Saturday and set an average attendance record for the third consecutive year.

Even TCU and Baylor, with their brand new stadiums and top 10 programs, can’t boast those kinds of numbers.