Texas Tech Fans Review Barefoot Athletics, Art Briles on Yelp


In the wake of Jarrett Stidham’s decommitment from Kliff Kingsbury’s 2015 recruiting class, scores of Texas Tech fans have taken to Twitter with their own theories as to why the 5-star prospect would change his mind so late in the process.

One of the more popular notions is that the owner of Barefoot Athletics in Stephenville, Texas, who is a noted Baylor supporter as well as a Red Raider alumnus, may have something to do with the situation.

The claim so far in unsupported, but that hasn’t stopped Texas Tech fans from taking the rumor and running with it in brilliant directions.

Here’s a sampling of the reviews left by Red Raiders on Barefoot Athletics’ Yelp page.


There are also rumors that Barefoot will be opening a store in Lubbock next year. I can’t imagine they’ll do too well so long as Red Raider fans attribute some level of blame to the owner.

He better hope Stidham chooses someone other than Baylor and Kingsbury finds a suitable replacement in this class or the rumors will gain even more traction.