Texas Tech Associate AD Blayne Beal Has Resigned


Texas Tech’s Associate Athletics director, Blayne Beal, has announced his resignation.

“After 15 years of being on call 24-7 and away from my family far too often, I am taking the plunge into the private sector,” said Beal in a written statement. “I have accepted an exciting new opportunity that I believe will allow me to continue to grow as a professional but also allow me to have a life outside of the office.”

While there was no mention on what private sector job Beal was going into, he said, “I can’t wait for the opportunity to become a fan and take part in that event at football games that people refer to as ‘tailgating.’ Something I have never experienced.” This leaves some to be optimistic that the face of Tech athletics for so long will remain in Lubbock.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Texas Tech University and the relationships I have made while in this profession will remain dear to my heart forever,” Beal continued. “Texas Tech has been a great place to work but now I am ready to meet a new challenge.”

This news comes just days apart from the announcement that Texas Tech’s Deputy Athletics Director, Joe Parker, was hired to take over the Associate AD position at Colorado State. 

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There has been limited coverage outside of Lubbock about the resignation of Senior Athletic Director Steve Uryasz, who spent 17 years at Texas Tech. But according to the Lubbock-Avalanche Journal, Uryasz’s March 6 announcement was attributed “to restructuring within the department.”

While Beal and Parker’s resignations appear to be strictly business-related, the trio of losses at the leadership level is a tough pill for Tech fans to swallow, as over 30 years of combined experience and service at the university is now gone.

But while a shortlist of possible candidates has yet to emerge to replace Beal, I wouldn’t put it past Texas Tech to promote from within or hire a former Red Raider who takes a personal approach to the situation and job title.