Jones Stadium: A house of horrors for ranked visitors

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This weekend, Texas Tech will attempt to do something the football program has not done since 2013; upset a ranked opponent at Jones Stadium in Lubbock. Though the current era of Red Raider football has seen the team struggle at home, over its 68-year history Jones Stadium has become known as a death trap to those who dare tread into Lubbock’s house of horrors.

Like the house down the street you were afraid to walk past when you were a child, rumors about Jones Stadium have permeated throughout the Big 12 and across the country making opposing teams and fans leery about even setting foot inside.

The howls and maniacal cries opponents hear from the 12,000 students frothing at the mouth just over their shoulder often keep them awake at night weeks after they’ve left.

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And countless times, enemies have entered Lubbock’s house of horrors only to find they were unable to escape from Jones Stadium until they were permanently scarred and their dreams murdered. So as we prepare for Halloween and a visit from another undefeated opponent, No. 12 Oklahoma State, lets look back on some of the most horrifying moments opposing teams have ever suffered inside the mad house that is Jones Stadium.

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