Jones Stadium: A house of horrors for ranked visitors

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Nov 9, 2013; Lubbock, TX, USA; The American flag arrives before the game between the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Kansas State Wildcats at Jones AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas – 2002

In the final home game of 2002, Jones Stadium claimed yet another victim. This time the intruder was as arrogant as a wealthy sliver-spoon-fed fraternity boy trying to sneak into a haunted house on a dare to impress his “bros”.

Dressed in burnt orange, the victim was easy to spot. It made a commotion as it rolled through town letting anyone within earshot know how it was going to bring down Jones Stadium.

Brash and conceited, the Texas Longhorns broke out to a 14-0 lead behind their slew of All-American players. But the defenders of the Jones, like a swarm of phantoms dressed in all black, fought back to tie the game at 21.

A fierce battle ensued deep into the night as the Longhorns and Texas Tech traded blows. With 5:41 to play in the game, Texas Tech took the lead on a 25-yard pass from quarterback Kliff Kingsbury to running back Taurean Henderson.

Barely holding on to life, the Longhorns mustered one last attack with their dyeing breath. But Texas Tech safety Ryan Aycock swooped down from out of the shadows to intercept a Chris Simms pass. Moments later, a Texas Tech double pass would break the back of the Longhorns.

Once again, Jones Stadium had swallowed another victim. Once again the Red Raiders had ended the national title dreams of the Texas Longhorns, which entered the game ranked No. 3 in the nation but left stunned and bewlidered.

Legend has it that somewhere below the Jones Stadium turf, at the 17-yard-line of the north end of the field where Ryan Aycock stabbed a knife into the heart of the Longhorns there is a well of black liquid that drips all the way to hell. No one knows the origin but those in Scarlet and Black know it is the well of Bevo’s tears and in it do the Red Raiders often bathe.

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