30 Greatest Games in Texas Tech History

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No. 4 – 1954 Gator Bowl vs. Auburn

The first Texas Tech game to ever be broadcast on television introduced America to one of Texas Tech’s finest traditions and ranks as the 4th greatest game in Texas Tech history.

The most memorable moment of the day happened prior to kickoff when Joe Kirk Fulton became the first official Masked Rider to lead the team onto the field atop his horse “Blackie”.

Below is classic video of that momentous ride.

The Masked Rider tradition began as sort of a prank by a group of students that showed up to football games in disguise and rode a horse across the field after Texas Tech scores but by 1954, the university had adopted the ride of the Masked Rider as an official university tradition.

"Ed Danforth of the Atlanta Constitution later described this exuberant entrance, “No team in any bowl game ever made a more sensation entrance.” Link"

As for the game, Texas Tech rallied from a first half deficit to blow out the Auburn Tigers 35-14. The win is considered the first major win in program history. Texas Tech was led by second team all-American running back Bobby Cavazos who ran for 114 yards and three touchdowns on a mere 13 carries.

But more importantly than the game was the birth of a tradition that has become the most beloved Texas Tech tradition of all time.

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