Texas Tech Football: 50 Greatest Red Raiders of all time

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No. 50 Lin Elliott (Kicker 1988-1991)

Every team needs a good kicker so we start our countdown of the 50 greatest players in Texas Tech history with Lin Elliott. The Waco, TX native left Texas Tech in 1991 as the school’s all-time leading scorer.

Elliott made 40 of 62 field goal attempts (64%) which is not bad at all considering he was kicking in the Lubbock wind.  Elliott possessed the strongest leg of any kicker in Texas Tech history meaning he attempted more long field goals which drove down his percentage.  Plus, he only missed one extra point in his time as a Red Raider.

Also, keep in mind that Elliott played in an era where games were much more low-scoring meaning that each kick was that much more critical to the team.  In games where a team might only have 8 possessions, a drive ending in a missed kick could be a killer.  Whereas, in today’s modern game, teams often have 12 or more possessions meaning that a missed kick can more easily be overcome throughout the course of the game.

Elliott had a 5-year NFL career.  As a rookie, he was part of the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl XXVII championship in 1993.

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