National Signing Day 2016: Texas Tech’s Top Five Additions

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Hold the drama, Texas Tech’s 2016 recruiting class is solid.

There is an argument to be made that Texas Tech’s 2016 recruiting class, when compared to classes from prior years, could be described as being rather “meh”.

A lack of four and five star talent, as well as the absence of any big-name recruits has left some with the impression that Kingsbury has mailed-in the program’s 2016 recruiting cycle.

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Sure, there aren’t any five-star blue chips in this class, but for better or worse Texas Tech has never been the kind of program that hauls those guys in on a regular basis.

That type of talent, especially for a mid-tier program such as Texas Tech, is hard to come by, and can be a giant headache to hold on to.

An even bigger headache? The subsequent drama associated with a lot of these top-level recruits. Everyone remembers Jarrett Stidham’s eleventh-hour decommitment, and all the drama that entailed.

Rather than swing for the fences again in 2016, the coaching staff opted to take a more academic approach to address their recruiting needs.

For years Texas Tech has made a living off of making the most out of its two and three star talent, and this year is no different.

Sprinkle in a few nationally recognized JUCO transfers and the Red Raiders have put together a well-rounded class that addresses the team’s needs on defense and at the outside receiving position.

Here are the Top Five recruits for Texas Tech’s 2016 recruiting class.

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