Former Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant Creating Niche In Miami

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As the NFL preseason draws to a close this week, former Texas Tech receiver Jakeem Grant has continued to carve a role for himself with the Miami Dolphins.  Brian Miller of “Phin Phanatic” updates us on Grant’s progress this year.

Jakeem Grant is arguably one of the most popular players in Texas Tech football history.  The 5-foot-7, 170-pound dynamo electrified Red Raider fans with his job-dropping moves and electrifying speed.

No one would have predicted that the former two-star recruit who had just one power 5 scholarship offer coming out of high school would end his career as the Texas Tech all-time leader in receiving yards.

If there is anything Texas Tech fans love it is a player that exceed expectations through hard work and sacrifice.  That is exactly what Jakeem Grant did in college and what he is trying to do now in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

To get an update on Grant’s progress in his second year with the Fins, we spoke to Brian Miller, editor of “Fansided’s” Miami Dolphins site “”.

WER: Jakeem remains one of the most popular players in Texas Tech history because of his size and video-game type moves.  How popular is he among Dolphins fans?

Miller: Grant is interesting because fans are waiting to see him showcase the moves he had in college. When he was drafted in 2016’s draft, Dolphins fans believed he was a steal but so far he has shown only glimpses of what he was in college. A big problem he has had is handling the ball on kick and punt returns and that has stifled his growth at the NFL level.

WER: Does it appear that Jakeem has made noticeable improvements since last year?  If so, in what areas?

Miller: Yes the perception is that he will improve and the Dolphins are working with him to get him more involved with the offense, specifically as a WR. Through three pre-season games the Dolphins have been trying to get him the ball as much as they can. When he does get it, he is able to show his quickness and speed. He was able to break out of a double hit to take a ball in for a touchdown against the Eagles.

WER: Last season, Jakeem was not part of the Dolphins offense.  But he has been making some big plays in the preseason.  Do you expect him to be part of the Miami passing attack this year?

Miller: I think he will and he needs to be. There is a lot of talent on Miami’s offense at the skill positions. Grant is buried behind Kenny Stills, Jarvis Landry, and DeVante Parker but really Landry is the guy in front of him as Grant won’t play on the edge. His niche’ will be how the Dolphins design plays for him or put him in four wide sets.

WER: After being on the roster bubble to start camp, Grant has generated a bit of buzz.  What do you think his chances of making the team are after three preseason games.

Miller: He will make the team this year. The Dolphins really like what they see in him and his level of talent. He needs the time to grow into the NFL and once it clicks for him he will do very well. Ball control is the biggest issue for Grant and once he gets a handle, literally, on that part of the game, he should improve. Now if he can’t impress this year, he will be fighting for a job and a roster spot next year.

WER: Finally, Grant was a kick return weapon at Texas Tech. Will special teams be where he has the chance to make the biggest impact for Miami again this year?

Miller: He needs to improve his return game. He has all the speed and agility you want in a kick and punt returner but Grant simply can’t hold on to the ball and Miami will not allow him to consistently stand out there and drop the catches. He needs to stop thinking about things and get out of his own head. Once he does that he will be fine but for now there is no guarantee that Miami will use him on special teams until he starts to make the catches.

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Special thanks to Brian Miller of “Phins Phanatic”.  Give him a follow on twitter @Txmedic5 for complete coverage of Jakeem Grant and the Miami Dolphins.