Texas Tech football: Matt Wells discusses spring progress

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Head coach Matt Wells of the Texas Tech Red Raiders  (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Matt Wells recently spoke to the media about where his Texas Tech football program stood after about a week of spring practice.

Just like the rest of the sports world, the status of the Texas Tech football program’s spring practice schedule is in limbo thanks to the COVID-19 outbreak.  Though there has been no official word on whether the university will suspend spring practices, given that classes on campus have been canceled until March 27th and then they will resume only online beginning March 30th, it seems logical to assume that football practice will be impacted to some degree.

A precedent has already been set by SEC programs as the entire Southeast Conference has suspended spring football activities.  As of right now, that suspension will stand until at least April 15th.

Of course, the importance of spring practices for football programs is minuscule when compared with the global pandemic that is unfolding.  But the ability to develop players and begin to prepare for the summer conditioning programs is crucial in the world of college football.

Texas Tech began spring practice on March 3rd, approximately a week prior to when the international sports landscape was derailed by the largest global health crisis in recent memory. That gave head coach Matt Wells and his assists an opportunity to have four practices which meant that the pads did come out before the world as we know it changed.

On Tuesday, March 10th, Wells spoke to the Lubbock media to give an update on his program after a week of practice and there were some insightful tidbits that he shared.  It was the first time since last November that we had heard him address where his program stands after a disappointing 4-8 2019 season.

Now that we are left without any college sports until football returns in September, the thirst for any information will only increase with each passing day.  That’s why it’s worth looking more closely at what Wells had to say last week.

So let’s go inside his remarks and pay close attention to what we can glean from what might be the last insight we gain about the Texas Tech football program for some time.  And we will start with an encouraging update on a senior that must come up big in 2020.

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