Big 12 Basketball Tournament predictions for Texas Tech and the rest of the conference

With the Big 12 Tournament just two weeks away, here are some predictions about what we might see in Kansas City.
TCU v Texas Tech
TCU v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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Kansas won't take advantage of the pseudo home court

Speaking of Kansas, don't expect this year's tournament to be the "Bill Self Invitational" like so many previous iterations of it have been. Rather, look for Kansas to make a rather early exit.

Sure, KU will have the biggest and loudest fan section in K.C. But that won't matter because this is still a neutral-site event and the Jayhawks aren't very good when playing away from Lawrence.

So far, Self's team is just 4-6 in games not played at Allen Fieldhouse. Thus, there's no reason to believe they will turn that around and rattle off a championship run in K.C. (even if it is their second home).

Also, this Kansas team is simply not as good as we've come to expect Self teams to be. They lack the type of sharp-shooting guard who can take over a game the way so many Jayhawk guards have in previous seasons, something that often propels KU to wins in K.C.

Look for Kansas to win a game or maybe two in the Big 12 Tournament this year but in the end, KU simply won't have the depth or the horses to win it all. Kansas has rattled off 10 Big 12 Tournament titles in its history but it will have to wait at least another year to add to that total.