Grant McCasland urges positivity toward departing players in social media post

In a social media video, Texas Tech basketball head coach Grant McCasland urged Red Raiders to be positive and kind toward players that are leaving the program this offseason.
Mar 20, 2024; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Grant McCasland addresses the
Mar 20, 2024; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders head coach Grant McCasland addresses the / Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

College sports fans are the most tribalistic and passionate fans in American sports. That's part of what makes college sports so fun. Still, there is always room for civility and that's what Grant McCasland wants to see from Texas Tech basketball fans this offseason.

In an Easter Sunday social media post, McCasland spoke to Texas Tech fans about treating the departing members of the program with kindness and support.

After acknowledging the Easter holiday, McCasland began by thanking Texas Tech fans for their support during his first season on campus.

"I'm so thankful for this past season and for the support you gave us all year," he said. "What an amazing journey. The games at the U.S.A., being on campus with Texas Tech students camping out in tents, to the community of Lubbock and all the support our family, our program, [we] just couldn't be more excited about the future."

He then spoke about the transition period this program is in. Currently, one assistant coach and six players have left the program leaving many of the most passionate fans to fret over the future. However, McCasland seems to have nothing but positivity toward those who are heading elsewhere.

"During this transition," he said, "we hoped we were playing today, and [we are] heartbroken that we are not. But that's our hope. That we'll be able to compete for the last game of the season and I believe we'll do that.

"As we transition to next year, and it happens so quickly, there's a lot of changes. And one change is that there will be people transferring from our program. And I would hope that our heart, and people would understand that there's a lot of different reasons that things like this happen.

"But they are, and always will be, Red Raiders for life. Let's continue to encourage them because of the heart that was poured into this program. We wouldn't have been able to do the things we were able to do as team if it wasn't for their contributions.

"So let's continue to love. Let's continue to encourage and support those people on their journey in hopes that their best days are ahead."

Next, McCasland asked fans to celebrate Dave Smart and his family as Smart leaves to take the head coaching position at Pacific. He said that Smart will succeed because of his love for people.

"So thankful for this journey," McCasland then said. "Thrilled and excited about next season and as we embark on the journey for next year, let's continue to encourage those people who were a part of last year's team in hopes that we'll build the family of Texas Tech and Red Raider basketball. I look forward to seeing you at the U.S.A. next year. In the meantime, Wreck 'Em."

It is this type of outlook and positivity that has endeared McCasland to so many people across Raiderland. His authenticity and kindness towards people have carried him this far and will pay dividends for Texas Tech for years to come.