Insights on the 2024 Texas Tech football schedule

Now that the 2024 Texas Tech football schedule has been released, let's look at some of the intriguing aspects of what awaits the Red Raiders this fall.
UCF v Texas Tech
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Texas Tech gets two open weeks during conference play

With the college season starting early this year due to Labor Day falling on September 2nd, there was room in the schedule for two open weeks for the Red Raiders. That's great news for a team that has struggled with massive injuries in recent years.

The first open date is October 12. That comes after Tech goes to Arizona and before a home game with Baylor on October 19.

That gives Tech two weeks to spend at home during a stretch when the schedule gives you three of four games on the road (at Arizona, vs. Baylor, open, at TCU, and at Iowa State).

Meanwhile, the second open week comes after the home game with Colorado. The break on November 16 will set Tech up to heal for the final two games of the year, at Oklahoma State and vs. WVU.

Last year, Tech's open week was critical because it gave Behren Morton a week to heal after missing the BYU game with a shoulder injury. The QB returned to play against TCU on a Thursday night and then had 10 days to rest until his next game, a road contest at Kansas. Without those two breaks, he likely would have missed more than just one game.

The hope is that Tech will have better luck with health this year, especially at the QB spot. The two open weeks during Big 12 play won't hurt in that regard and could be key in helping the Red Raiders compete for a Big 12 title.