Ranking the Texas Tech football offensive coordinators for the past 15 years

Today, let's rank the Texas Tech football offensive coordinators from the post-Mike Leach era, which spans the past 15 years.
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No 4: Eric Morris (2013-2017)

Anyone Associated with Patrick Mahomes II during his time in Lubbock gets a bit of a boost in perception. Though former Texas Tech O.C. Eric Morris doesn't get as much credit for Mahomes' development as Kingsbury or even current O.C. Zach Kittley (who was a graduate assistant at Tech during Mahomes' college career), he does deserve some credit for helping Mahomes develop into the player that he became as a Red Raider.

However, Morris isn't higher on the list because he wasn't in charge of the offense. Again, that was Kingsbury.

Still, Morris (who was co-O.C. with Sonny Cumbie in 2013 before Cumbie left for TCU) did coordinate some dynamic Red Raider offenses. Perhaps his best job was done in his first year, though.

Don't forget that in 2013, Tech had a pair of true freshmen, Davis Webb and Baker Mayfield, start every game of the season at QB. Still, Tech managed to go 8-5 and average 35.8 points per game. What's more, the offense ranked tied for 8th nationally by putting up 511 yards per game.

Now, how much of that had to do with Morris' contributions is unknown to anyone who wasn't in the Red Raider program that year. The same goes for how much credit Morris deserves for Mahomes' success in 2015-16.

That's why the current North Texas head coach and former Texas Tech slot receiver (who will bring his Mean Green team to Lubbock this fall) doesn't rank higher on this list. The offenses he oversaw, especially during the Mahomes years, were some of the best the Big 12 has seen in recent years but that's likely due more to Kingsbury's work and not Morris'.