Ranking the Texas Tech football offensive coordinators for the past 15 years

Today, let's rank the Texas Tech football offensive coordinators from the post-Mike Leach era, which spans the past 15 years.
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No. 2: Neal Brown (2010-12)

Imagine being brought in to run the offense that has made you a hot commodity only then have your head coach undermine you at almost every turn. That's exactly what Neal Brown experienced under Tuberville from 2010-2012.

Brown arrived from Troy with the reputation for having a high-powered, fast-paced offense. However, time and again, the defensive-minded Tuberville put the breaks on what Brown wanted to do.

Even in the middle of games, Tuberville would override Brown's play-calling authority forcing Brown to run the ball when he didn't want to. As a result, many fans grew frustrated with Brown not knowing what he was dealing with from his boss.

Still, Brown did an admirable job at Tech, especially given that he had Tuberville lording over him. In 2010, the Red Raiders averaged 484.3 yards per game. A season later, that number was 467.5, the 12th-best in America. Then, in Brown's final season as a Red Raider, the offense ranked 11th with 495.5 yards per game.

Along the way, Brown helped Seth Doege go from a QB who missed his last two years of high school football due to knee injuries to being the No. 4 all-time leading passer in Red Raider history. That was a sign that Brown was particularly skilled as a developer of QBs, a trait that has since landed him the head coaching jobs at Troy and currently West Virginia.

Brown was considered a candidate to replace Kingsbury in 2019 when Wells was hired. Instead, he got the WVU job that year and he will forever be closely monitored by Texas Tech fans as a result.

While he was Tech's O.C., he was also closely watched by the Red Raider fandom because he was tasked with keeping the fun, wide-open offense en vogue in Lubbock under the gaze of a defense-obsessed coach. Because so many people think back on the Tuberville years with such disgust, Brown doesn't always get his due but the reality is, he was a strong O.C. for the Red Raiders.