Texas Tech basketball: Red Raiders pull out chaotic last-minute victory over Kansas State

Kansas State v Texas Tech
Kansas State v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages
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The free-throw line was again a weapon for Texas Tech

Statistically, the free-throw line was not expected to be an area of advantage for Tech on Saturday but that's what transpired. The Red Raiders finished with a 10-point edge there and that helped offset the awful 3-point shooting effort from the home team.

Entering the game, both teams had played 15 times with KSU attempting 38 more free-throws on the year. However, the Wildcats went only 5-7 at the line on Saturday. That's rather surprising given how physical this game was from start to finish.

Meanwhile, Tech hit 15-18 free throws includins Toussaint's game-winner. That's the type of edge the home team is supposed to earn in conference games.

Interestingly, all three of Tech's misses came from one player, Warren Washington, who shoots below 60% on the year. The rest of the roster combined to go 14-14.

This year, Tech is the best free-throw shooting team in the Big 12 at 77.6% as a team. What's more, two of the three Big 12 wins that McCasland's team has earned thus far can be directly attributed to the free-throw line (Tech was 15-21 to hold a six-point edge over Texas at the line in the Big 12 opener last week).

Big 12 games often come down to the final minute and are decided by only a point here or there. That was the case on Saturday in Lubbock and fortunately, Tech was nails at the line again against KSU.