Texas Tech basketball's three Achilles' heels heading into March Madness

These Achilles' heels could spell trouble for the Texas Tech basketball team in March.

Texas Tech v Iowa State
Texas Tech v Iowa State / David Purdy/GettyImages
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Texas Tech lacks size

The Red Raiders' second Achilles' heel is their lack of size. Even when the team is at full strength and Warren Washington is able to play, Tech has only one player over 6-foot-7 on the roster.

Now, though, with Washington's availability in doubt for the rest of the season due to a nagging foot injury that has kept him sidelined for all but one game since February 12, Tech is woefully small. That's not how you want to go into a tournament where you could face teams with elite size in the paint.

Now, Tech has kept its head above water in Washington's absence. Since he went down against KU, the Red Raiders are 4-3 overall.

However, two of those wins were against Oklahoma State and West Virginia. Teams that bad won't be in the NCAA Tournament. Rather, Tech will have to contend with teams as good as Texas, Iowa State, and UCF, all of which gave the Red Raiders fits due to Tech's lack of size without Washington.

Now, there is a chance Washington could return for the postseason. It seems as if he's been a day-to-day proposition for the last few weeks.

Even if he does return, though, he likely won't be in the type of shape to give the Red Raiders 30 minutes of action per game. Thus, Tech's lack of size could be an issue even with Washington in the mix.