Texas Tech basketball transfers who didn't live up to the hype

Though each of the players on this list were highly-anticipated transfers, none ended up becoming stars or living up to the hype surrounding their commitment to the Texas Tech basketball program.
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KyeRon Lindsay arrived in Lubbock full of promise. In 10 games at Georgia in 2022-23, he started eight and averaged 6.2 points and 3.0 rebounds before leaving Athens at semester.

Sitting out the spring semester of the 2023 season, he became a mystery man to Red Raider fans who began to dream about what the 6-foot-7 native of Denton, Texas might be able to become. However, all we had to go on was a few clips and highlights from his time with the Bulldogs and as a result, expectations grew too high.

The reality is that Lindsay wasn't ready to compete in the Big 12 but not because of a lack of athleticism. Rather, he wasn't ready between the ears.

When the Red Raiders needed some help in the post after Warren Washington's foot injury this past season, Lindsay should have been a player Tech turned to but because he wasn't ready to commit to playing defense the way Grant McCasland expects his players to, he was unable to earn a regular spot in the rotation.

In fact, by the time the season was reaching its climax, Lindsay was not with the team and was not on the travel roster. He would leave the program shortly after the season and as of yet, he has not found a new home.

Lindsay would average only 2.7 points and 1.3 total rebounds in nine appearances for the Red Raiders. That's far less than what he could have given the program if he would have been more bought-in.