Texas Tech, believe it or not, has never played these FBS teams

Here's a look at all of the FBS teams that the Texas Tech football program has never faced.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages
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Texas Tech vs. the Big Ten Conference

Indiana Hoosiers: Indiana has only two winning seasons in the past seven years and one of those was the 8-game COVID-19 impacted 2020 season. This wouldn't be a matchup that would intrigue Red Raider fans much at all.

Maryland Terrapins: Maryland has gone to three straight bowl games after reaching the postseason just once in the previous six seasons. Maybe they could be a potential bowl game opponent for the Red Raiders in an upcoming season.

Michigan Wolverines: Michigan is another opponent that would be a dream for the Red Raiders however it is hard to see this blue-blood being willing to have a home-and-home series with Tech given how many other more prestigious programs want to play the Wolverines.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Rutgers is one of the worst football programs in the FBS. That and the fact that it is far from being a regional rival for Texas Tech makes it an undesirable opponent under any circumstance.

Illinois Fighting Illini: More of a basketball school than a football school, Illinois is a program that Tech likely won't look to schedule any time soon on the gridiron.

Purdue Boilermakers: Though former Texas Tech football legend Graham Harrell is the offensive coordinator at Purdue, a matchup with the Boilermakers doesn't seem too intriguing given that they are not a great football program.

Wisconsin Badgers: Another school that is not regionally significant to Texas Tech, the Badgers would be intriguing from a prestige perspective, but Texas Tech doesn't have much of a history of scheduling Big Ten teams.