Texas Tech, believe it or not, has never played these FBS teams

Here's a look at all of the FBS teams that the Texas Tech football program has never faced.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages
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Texas Tech vs. Conference U.S.A.

Liberty Flames: The Liberty Flames have become one of the better Groups of 5 programs which would make them a dangerous opponent. Tech seems to only want to schedule a regional Group of 5 opponent each year so Liberty seems like an unlikely future opponent.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders: A matchup between the Blue Raiders and the Red Raiders would be a novelty in regard to team nicknames but MTSU's lack of prestige would make this an illogical series for Tech to open up.

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers: The school the Texas Tech offensive coordinator Zach Kittley coached at before coming home to Lubbock, Western Kentucky doesn't have the prestige or the regional interest to make sense for the Red Raiders to schedule.