Texas Tech, believe it or not, has never played these FBS teams

Here's a look at all of the FBS teams that the Texas Tech football program has never faced.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages
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Texas Tech vs. FBS Independents

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: This would be a matchup that Texas Tech would love to have on the schedule. However, given Notre Dame's current alliance with the A.C.C. and all of their long-standing rivalries, a meeting with the Fighting Irish would likely only happen in a bowl game.

Army Golden Knights: Texas Tech has played Air Force and Navy but never Army. A regular-season meeting wouldn't make much sense given Army's lack of current prestige but a low-level bowl game meeting would be a possibility.

UCONN Huskies: The UCONN Huskies don't make much sense as an opponent for Texas Tech. With no conference affiliation and with little in the way of tradition or intrigue, the Huskies don't seem like they will appear on Tech's radar any time soon.