Texas Tech, believe it or not, has never played these FBS teams

Here's a look at all of the FBS teams that the Texas Tech football program has never faced.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages
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Texas Tech vs. Mountain West Conference

Boise State Broncos: As one of the nation's premier Group of 5 programs, Boise would be an intriguing opponent for Texas Tech. However, they would probably expect a home-and-home series and Tech is getting out of the business of playing Group of 5 programs away from Lubbock.

UNLV Rebels: Despite a 9-3 season in 2023, UNLV doesn't carry much weight as a program. Sure, Tech might be interested in a home game with the Rebels but a trip to Vegas seems out of the picture despite how much Red Raider fans might enjoy that particular road game.

San Diego State Aztecs: This is another Group of 5 team that would be an intriguing opponent for Tech. However, like Boise State, SDSU would likely want a return home game so this series isn't likely to kick off in the foreseeable future.