Texas Tech, believe it or not, has never played these FBS teams

Here's a look at all of the FBS teams that the Texas Tech football program has never faced.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John Weast/GettyImages
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Texas Tech vs. Southeastern Conference

Florida Gators: Tech fans would love the opportunity to face to Gators. However, Florida isn't fond of scheduling non-conference regular season games outside of Florida or the Southeast.

Kentucky Wildcats: Current Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops has spent time in the Big 12 while as an assistant at Oklahoma under his brother, Bob Stoops. Thus, a potential meeting with Tech might intrigue him. This would be a matchup that would make sense for both programs given the track record and prestige of each.

South Carolina Gamecocks: South Carolina and Texas Tech would make sense as opponents given that both are in similar places in their conference's hierarchy. This would be a perfect home-and-home partner for Tech to explore in future years.