Texas Tech football players set to take a big jump in 2024

These Texas Tech football players could see a big up-tick in their productivity in 2024.

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Jacob Rodriguez should be the next great Texas Tech linebacker

Thus far, we've seen teases of what Jacob Rodriguez could become as a linebacker. However, in 2024 he could finally shine and become an All-Big 12 caliber player.

Rodriguez has taken quite the route to get to where he is. Out of high school in Wichita Falls, he was recruited to Virginia to play quarterback. But once there, he was converted to a running back who also dabbled at the tight end position.

Then, after one year out east, he returned to Texas where the Red Raiders converted him to linebacker. However, in 2022, Tech was as solid as could be at that position meaning Rodriguez got a year to learn how to play his new spot.

Last year, he was supposed to be a full-time starter but in the season opener, he suffered a lower leg injury that caused him to miss seven games. What's more, after he returned late in the season, he sat out the final game of the regular season to preserve his ability to redshirt. Thus, Rodriguez still has three years of eligibility remaining.

Still, he made 32 tackles in five games last year. That includes the opening game of the year when he had only two tackles because he was hurt in the first quarter.

In the four games he played in full, he had 30 stops. Extrapolate that average out over a 12-game season, that's 90 tackles, which is an excellent season.

Just like Morton, Rodriguez is held in high regard within the program but injuries have kept him from being able to maximize his full impact. Hopefully that will change next year because if he can stay on the field, he will be one of the best linebackers in the conference.