Texas Tech football reveals Adidas, Mahomes logos on Jones Stadium turf

The Jones Stadium turf will have a new look next season as the Texas Tech football program revealed a new design with the Adidas and Patrick Mahomes II logos near midfield.
Oklahoma v Texas Tech
Oklahoma v Texas Tech / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

Monday, a new era of Texas Tech football began as Adidas became the university's sponsor and provider of all athletic apparel. And the Red Raiders kicked off the celebration in a big way.

In a social media post, Texas Tech showed a video of a helicopter removing a large sign that read "Adidas" from mid field. Beneath the sign, which was a replica of a piece of tape that Patrick Mahomes II wore on a Texas Tech t-shirt to cover up an Under Armour logo at the Final Four in 2019, were the logos of Adidas and Mahomes' brand flaking the Double T.

This year, NCAA football teams are allowed to have corporate logos on the field of play for the first time. That led many to assume that Tech would do something with Adidas and the Mahomes brand and those assumptions proved to be correct.

It's a great look for the university as it embarks on a new journey with Adidas, which helped create and sponsor the Mahomes brand as well. Last fall, the university and Adidas signed a 10-year deal for Adidas to be the exclusive apparel provider for Texas Tech's athletics teams.

According to Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt, Mahomes played a huge role in helping the new partnership come to fruition.

"We would not be where we are with Adidas today, embarking on a new 10-year relationship, without Patrick Mahomes," Hocutt said when the partnership was announced. "Patrick for the last couple of years has shared with me, 'I want the Red Raiders in the same brand that I wear. I want you with the same apparel partner that I have.'

"And so this summer, I was at a foundation event of Patrick's, and those talks really accelerated over the summer, and he has been behind this every step along the way. This was so important to him."

Tech was aligned with Under Armor for 18 years. However, that company is pulling back on its sponsorship deals with universities as its number of sponsored schools has dropped significantly in recent years. Now, Tech is part of the Adidas family and this is a relationship that could usher in a new era of prosperity for the school thanks in large part to Texas Tech's most famous alum. So it is only fitting that his brand's logo is on the field he once called home.