Texas Tech football: Under the radar 2024 signees to be excited about

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Cameron Dickey could be the next dominant Texas Tech running back

The good news for Texas Tech is that Tahj Brooks has decided to return for the 2024 season. The bad news, though, is that Brooks has only one year left to play.

Thus, it is time for Tech to find and develop Brooks' replacement. However, no one on the current roster has been able to show that he's ready to be a featured running back.

Many believe that Cameron Dickey could eventually be a star RB at the college level, though. Wednesday, McGuire compared him to Brooks, partially because of his personality and maturity.

At 5-foot-10, 200 pounds, he will arrive already physically ready to compete for snaps in the two-deep. What's more, the Austin native is a versatile athlete who played QB this year and who qualified for state in several track events as a junior.

Next season, the running back position is in great hands. But after that, someone has to step up and perhaps Dickey will be the guy to do that.

Because he has been committed to Tech since December of 2022, he didn't garner any other major offers and that's one reason his ranking remained rather moderate. Also, he was a QB in high school making it less likely for him to be a highly-touted RB recruit.

He did rush for 1,860 yards and 29 TDs this year, while posting an average of 10.1 yards per carry from the QB position, though. Once he gets into the Tech program and focuses just on being a running back, he could blossom into a dominant player and he might be the one to fill Brooks' shoes in 2025.