Texas Tech football: Under the radar 2024 signees to be excited about

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Texas Tech needs Trey Jackson to become a weapon in the passing game

For 2024, Texas Tech looks to be in great shape at tight end. The returning Mason Tharp and the recently signed Arizona State transfer, Jalin Conyers, should form a versatile and formidable tandem next fall.

However, both could depart after next season with Conyers being a super-senior and Tharp being a run-of-the-mill senior. That means that it is time for the program to start bringing along some potential replacements at that position.

Dallas, Texas' Trey Jackson is an intriguing prospect to watch. A mid-year enrollee, he will have to pack some muscle on his skinny 6-foot-4, 210-pound body to be ready for meaningful snaps at TE.

However, the two-time state champion has the pass-catching skills to be an asset for Tech. Playing wide receiver in high school, he caught 23 balls for 503 yards and nine TDs in 13 games in 2023.

There isn't another highly-touted tight end in the pipeline for the Red Raiders at this time. Thus, Jackson could have a path to early playing time but for that to happen, he's going to have to bulk up quite a bit.

No matter how big he gets, though, Tech will likely utilize Jackson as a route runner more than as a blocker. That's what he's accustomed to doing and where he could make his mark as a Red Raider.