What Texas Tech basketball fans need to know about NC State

Texas Tech fans likely don't know too much about the NC State Wolfpack so here is a quick souting report.

North Carolina v NC State
North Carolina v NC State / Greg Fiume/GettyImages
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NC State isn't likely to dominate Texas Tech on the glass

The Red Raiders have also struggled this year against good rebounding teams like Baylor and TCU. However, NC State hasn't shown the ability to dominate many teams on the glass this year.

For the season, the Wolfpack actually have a negative rebounding margin. At -1.1 rebounds per game, they are typically beaten on the boards.

Even in their magical ACC Tournament run, they were far from being killers on the glass. While they did beat Syracuse 41-30 in rebounds, they only out-rebounded Louisville by one, they lost the rebounding battle to Duke by four, they only out-rebounded Virginia by four, and they lost the rebounding battle to Carolina by five.

In nine of their 14 losses this season, the Wolfpack were beaten on the glass. That seems to be a key for this game.

Tech has been much better in that regard lately, even without Warren Washington able to play. In fact, the Red Raiders have won on the glass in each of their last five games. That includes beating Houston 31-30 in a game that the team's top two rebounders, Darrion Williams and Washington, didn't play.

In this game, NC State may have a size edge but will that translate to a rebounding advantage? The numbers suggest likely not and that could play into Tech's favor.