Texas Tech football and Adidas get it right with new uniform design

Keeping it simple, the Texas Tech football program and Adidas have created some fantastic new uniforms for the Red Raiders.
Texas Tech v Kansas State
Texas Tech v Kansas State / Peter Aiken/GettyImages

Monday, as the Texas Tech football program continued to celebrate its new partnership with Adidas, we got a look at what the 2024 Red Raider uniforms will look like. Fortunately, Tech and Adidas combined to create a great set of looks.

Revealed on social media, the Red Raiders have six different looks. There is an all-red uniform combination, an all black combination, and an all-white combination.

Additionally, Tech has red and white jerseys over black pants and black jerserys over white pants. What's interesting, though, is that the Red Raiders have only black and white helmets. Previously, the program has also worn red helmets.

On the shoulder of each uniform, you will find two stripes. That is similar to throwback uniforms the program has worn in the past. It is a departure from the white and black chevron that adorned the shoulders of the most recent Under Armour jerseys the program sported.

The pants also have some changes. Instead of one wide solid stripe as was the case with last season's uniforms, this year's pants have two medium-sized stripes of alternating school colors down the side of them.

Speaking of stripes, there is a subtle change to the stripe that goes down the middle of the helmets this season. Tech now has a wide stripe flanked on both sides by two smaller stripes of a different color instead of a solid red stripe.

On the black helmet, the middle stripe is white and it is bordered by two red stripes. On the white helmet, the middle stripe is black and is also flanked by two red stripes.

However, the most interesting change has to do with the lettering on the red jerseys. While the black and white jerseys say "Texas Tech" above the numbers on the front of the uniform, the red jerseys say "Red Raiders" above the numbers.

Some were wondering if Texas Tech would be wearing the Patrick Mahomes II brand logo on the uniforms instead of simply the Adidas logo. That doesn't appear to be the case this season but it could be something that happens down the road.

Of course, the Double T on the helmets is always a topic of conversation as well with many Red Raiders hoping for a return to the flat Double T that predated the beveled look. The fans of the flat Double T are likely a bit disappointed to see that the beveled Double T is still on the helmets.

Regardless, these looks are classic, timeless, simple, and fantastic. Tech didn't need to make any weird design choices nor did Adidas need to try to trick up the Red Raiders' uniforms with random shapes on the shoulder pads or odd patterns on the jerseys as has been the case with the uniforms for other Adidas schools in the past.

These uniform combinations are spot on and they are all pleasing to the eye. It was the first test Adidas had to pass with the Red Raider populace and they aced it.